Portsmouth is part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.  Directly opposite Norfolk, the city of Portsmouth is part of the harbor of Hampton Roads.  There is a ferry boat that takes riders back and forth across the water between Downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth.  The Olde Towne Historic District features one of the largest collections of historically significant homes between Alexandria, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.  The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was built by slaves and free man and is the second-oldest building in Portsmouth and the city's oldest black church.  The city is home to the Naval Medical Center.  Founded in 1827, the Center is the oldest continuously running hospital in the Navy medical system with the motto "First and Finest".  It's also home to The Norfolk Naval Shipyard, often called the Norfolk Navy Yard.  It is historic and active U.S. Navy facility.  Portsmouth is located on the western side of the Elizabeth River and has miles of waterfront land.  

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