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Newport News is part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area and the fifth-most populous city in Virginia.  It is the home of Newport News Shipbuilding, the joint U.S. Air Force-U.S. Army installation at Joint Base Langley Eustis.  The city's economy is very connected to the military.  It is at the southeastern end of the Virginia Peninsula, on the northern shore of the James River extending southeast from Skiffe's Creek along many miles of waterfront to the river's mouth at Newport News Point on the harbor of Hampton Roads.  The location on the harbor and along the James River facilitates a large boating industry which can take advantage of its many miles of waterfront.  Newport News also serves as a junction between the rails and the sea with the Newport News Marine Terminals located at the East End fo the city.  Served by major east-west interstate Highway 64, it is linked to other of the cities of Hampton Roads by the circumferential Hampton Roads Beltway, which crosses the harbor on two bridge-tunnels.  Part of the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is in the city limits.  


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