Gloucester is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The county was founded in 1651 in the Virginia Colony and is named for Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester (third son of King Charles I of England).  Gloucester County is included in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Located at the east end of the lower part of the Middle Peninsula, it is bordered on the south by the York River and the lower Chesapeake Bay on the east.  The waterways shaped its development.  Gloucester County is about 75 miles east of Virginia's capital Richmond.

Gloucester County is rich in farmland.  Its fishing industry is important to the state as well.  It has a retail center located around the main street area of the county seat.  Gloucester County and adjacent York County are linked by the George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge, a toll facility across the York River carrying U.S. Route 17 to the Virginia Peninsula area.  Gloucester County is self-nicknamed the "Daffodil Capital of the World"; it hosts an annual daffodil festival, parade and flower show.  


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