Buying Process

Purchasing a home should be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in a buyer's life. This is true whether the buyer is purchasing their first or fifth home. The buying process can often create a wide range of emotions and can seem overwhelming for a buyer.  It is imperative for a buyer to be thoroughly educated and adequately prepared for the process.   

Questions are a normal part of the process and no question is dumb.  Every question a buyer has should be asked.  The worst thing a buyer can do is not ask their questions or not share any uncertainties they have.  Even the most experienced buyers have questions and uncertainties.  The real estate market is constantly changing which means purchasing a home a year ago will be different than purchasing a home today. To ensure the process runs smoothly and you remain comfortable with the process, continue to ask questions and express your concerns.  

The home buying process has many stages.  Each stage plays an integral role in the total process.  Each stage brings with it many questions and emotions.  Many questions asked during each stage are very common.  Click here for a breakdown of each stage and frequently asked questions for each stage.